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Hi, I'm Lynne, Your Super Hero,

Ok, so being a Super Hero who will let you see what's happening behind the cape from time to time, I know there are formulas and outlines on how to do a bio and have it be smoking hot,,, I don't know that this is that.  But I do know that getting it out and up is much better than being perfect.

I've spent 20 years as a Sr Process Engineer,  Sr Staff Manufacturing Automation Systems & Equipment Engineer & Laser Systems Engineer and Safety Officer, supporting high tech, high volume manufacturing operations here in Silicon Valley and across the USA. ( That's a mouthful!) 

Cyber Super Hero

Are you ready to have a Super Hero on your Team?

For the majority of my career I either was working at night, working on outdated equipment or we were building and designing it from the ground up, so I didn't have any (or much) documentation or support to rely on, so I had to figure stuff out.  This helped a lot as I built my teams because I am able to see the big picture from the inside out and delve into the detail when needed.  There would be times I'd see my team struggle with a problem, and if they were not making progress after a given amount of time I would go and talk to them to see what's up, and quite often I'd ask them a few questions and soon the issue was solved. I had them think about it in a different way, and they came up with a solution themselves.

Yes there were plenty of times where it took longer, but we always worked it out together as a team.  Having a good solid team makes all the difference to the success if any program, project or business.

I am also someone who is extremely passionate about supporting people, business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs have the success they desire and dream of in their businesses and in their personal lives.

Tech Rescue with Lynne Sagen, Cyber Super HeroOne of the most enjoyable parts of my career has been when I get the privilege of working with someone to help them better understand what they are doing and why. I take what seems to be complex and make it simple to understand, and I do my best to language it in ways that you can understand what is happening and why it is important to you.

I am naturally and love being a coach, mentor and consultant.  It is my hearts desire to see the people I work with realize their own personal greatness and success as well as be able to acknowledge their successes in life and business and to be able to celebrate that success to the fullest they are able to.

My Personal Development Journey has taken me to many places  and trainings here is a list of a few…

Certified Train the trainer
Guerrilla business school
Landmark education
Coach Curriculum for living
Team management & Leadership program
Communications Program – Coach
Introduction leaders program
Leadership Workshops & Training Programs
Marketing Workshops & Training Programs
Peak potentials Quantum Leap Program
Millionaire Mind Intensive
Enlightened Warrior & Wizard Training camp
Peak Potentials Karma Krew
Sr Manufacturing Equipment Engineer
Laser Systems Engineer
Laser Safety Officer
Plus other personal development and leadership training programs

I am a graduate of SMX SEO / SEM boot camp and numerous other online marketing trainings and workshops.

It is my goal and intention to have your systems in place and working for you. To have your business be working for you, making money, so you can sleep at night


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