Begin with the end in mind

enf in mind

Steven Covey Said it best “Begin with the end in mind”

Every Success I've had in my career was built on just that premise “Begin with the end in mind”

Why Begin with the end in mind? Because it Works.

It provides a point of focus.

You know when your goal is achieved.

 You have a Measure, a marker.

Sports Teams do it – through out the game, with each possession the End they are focusing on isn't just winning the game, but reaching the GOAL line, why? Because Then they get to Celebrate & SCORE!

We Love it when we SCORE!

No, how about you & Your Business?

When you take on a major Project do you begin with the end in mind?

OR do you just Boldly Go Forward ( Or where no man or woman has gone before?)

See when I was an engineer, responsible for building and designing a piece of equipment or machine for the manufacturing line, we had clear goals and objectives to meet so we knew we were successful. It was my job to lead the team to meet those goals and objectives.

It was in having that end goal and objective in mind that allowed us, guided us really, in staying on the right path. 

Did we get there on the first go around? No.  Did we learn a lot? Yes.

 The point is we knew where we were going, and with that end in mind, we focused, made a plan, and from the plan built the project to track and measure our progress.

And then we met our goal.  It Worked!  SUCCESS! target

How did we know?  We laid out the parameters and defined what success would look like before we started. 


And then we Celebrated!



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