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Workshop & Event Management – From Beginning to End,

My Goal and my Passion is to provide you with the support you need when you are producing your event / workshop / seminar – whether it be live or virtual so that the details are handled, and you can focus on delivering the best program you can for your people, and have fun making money doing it, especially if that’s your goal.

I specialize in working with you to visualize the experience as it's happening and when it's over, what will be the experience of your people, what will they say about you, your products and services and what they experienced out of attending your event. Out of that I work with you to deliver that experience for your people.

Choosing the date and location of your workshop is just the beginning. There is so much more to producing an unforgettable and lucrative seminar. My specialty is to help you define your objectives and manage the 1001 details so that you can concentrate on delivering your material.

What are the goals & intentions for your event / workshop?

Who are your Ideal Participants? Is your niche / target market – clearly identified?

What is your time line? Do you have a Marketing Plan, if so what is it? How can we avoid the last-minute crunch that plagues so many presenters?

How many people?

When & Where?

What type of support will you need – both in people and equipment?

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Virtual Event Production

Planning a Radio show, Telesummit / Teleseminar? Webinar? Book Launch?

Need a Landing Page? Have a New Info Product you want to put together and launch?

*New* Done for You Video Editing & Production

I can support you with much of that. I can provide direct hands on assistance or support you as a coach and mentor as you take your genius from what's inside your head and heart and put it in a form where people can learn from you..

Virtual events are a great way to leverage your time for maximum impact and Income. Let me help!

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Business Consulting & Coaching

I've been a systems engineer for over 20 years. The unique thing I bring to your business is expertise in evaluating how your systems are working for you.

Do you have the right systems for where your business is today, and as you grow into the future?

There are So many options out there today, you need an expert who can look at what you have and what is available to choose the right solution for your business. That's where I come in.

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Life Coaching

Each and every one of us has a unique gift to offer this world. My Passion is to help you see your own greatness and support you in stepping into dreams. You can count on me to be the cheerleader and the net when you leap.

Currently I offer 1 to 1 coaching programs and will be soon launching a small group coaching program.

You will get a proven system to help you map out your dreams, goals and intentions

Ways to take them from “either” and “some day maybe” to reality.

I've learned in my career that an actual deadline for a given goal or project, gives it a 90%+ success rate…. if you don't write it down and plan it out at some level, that success rate drops to … never.

You have Dreams and Goals. Time has no master and keeps marching forward. When would “now” be a good time to start putting things in place to take the next step towards Your Dreams and Goals?

When you work with me you'll find I'm all about empowering you to your greatness, and seeing that you are capable of way more than you ever imagined. My joy comes from walking you through the blocks and things that hold you back, so that you see that you really can do it.

You are not alone.

There are always resources to support you along the way.

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