Getting Back to Basics…

 Getting back to Basics…

There is something that has been on my mind for a while… basics…getting back to basics…

It seems so simple, and maybe not even necessary, when in fact it is critical.  The basics are critical to the foundation of what ever you do. When you overlook the basics, you overlook laying a firm foundation for what you are up to and the goals you want to accomplish.  

The basics, yes the boring mundane things that we must do every day to reach our goals are simple, easy if we just do them.  Things like brushing our teeth.. we all know what happens when we don't brush our teeth right? Yes, your mouth feels scummy… you teeth.. ewe – and even if you can hide all of that your breath stinks!  Let's apply that to our business – our online presence.

You know the basics:

  • Blog (goal is to build up to 3x per week)
  • Video Blog – goal is to build up to 1x per week
  • Twitter – 3 – 10x per day (70% more personal /interesting than direct business)
  • Facebook – have your fan page, post at least every other day…
  • Linked in – be active in groups that interest you and you can support

And do we do them?  

Some do, and they get the results they get.  Those that do are more noticed and seen, they have active followers and are getting the word out and building their status as an expert in the field.  People are actually contacting them for business.

Others, well they don't get to reap those kinds of rewards and they wonder why.

Getting back to basics, like brushing your teeth every day makes a big difference in both the short term and long term.  

You can start one step at a time, usually works better and lasts longer that way.

Now for me to get back to basics…

Signing off for now,

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