Mail Chimp Social Share Feature

Hi there –

I've been quite for a while and that is all about to change, well that's the plan.

Basically I have know how and you need to know how to do what you need to do.

It is of my firm belief that you should have the training and know how available to you in a simple to understand format..

That's my goal.. To be your Rescue before you need a Rescue!

Today's Lesson:

How to Socially Share your MailChimp Campaigns.

You worked hard to set it up and make it pretty right? Yes, you did, I know you did.

And all that hard work should not go to waste.

MailChimp is one of the easiest (and priced right) applications to help you manage your emails and communicate with your clients.

They have a built in feature to allow you to Socially Share your Campaigns.

Here are the quick steps:

1) Login & go to campaigns
2) Select Social Share from a Campaign
3) Check the message and send (You may have to authorize / login to your account before sending if you have not done this before ) 
MailChimp- Social Share How To