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Tech Rescue With Lynne


Lynne Sagen, is a Techno Super Hero, avenging electronic evil and rescuing business owners in distress at

Founder of assisting entrepreneurs, salespersons & speakers create their successful 6-figure businesses online and offline.

Lynne has over 20 years experience working in the hi-tech and sales arenas, winning awards and recognition for her leadership & know-how. Clients rave about her down-to-earth attitude and ability to translate tehchno-geek speak so her clientele can shine online and offline.

One of the most enjoyable parts of what Lynne does is when I get the privilege of working with someone to help them better understand what they are doing and why. She has the ability take what seems to be complex and make it simple to understand, and she is often able to language it in a way that you can understand what is happening and why it is important to you.

Lynne naturally loves being a coach, mentor and consultant.  It is her hearts desire to see the people she works with realize their own personal greatness and success as well as be able to acknowledge their successes in life and business and to be able to celebrate that success to the fullest they are able to.

When Lynne isn't saving the day as your Techno Super Hero, she enjoys spending time hiking, going to the beach, Sailing or Riding Horses.