Stepping Out as a Super Hero


I haven't written much for a while, so…this may be a bumpy ride today.

It's Time to step out as a Cyber Super Hero..Cyber Super Hero

Dunt Ta Da Daaaa…

Ok, so this Super Hero thing – well living out loud as one seems rather new for me. I know  I can do it, and it will be so much more fun if you help me out…

Help with things like,

Does this Cyber Super Hero have a name?

What is my intro music? And if I spelled it out… what would it look like?

Take “Dunt Ta Da Daaaa…” for example…

Do I have a weakness that we know of yet? or will that be revealed later?

What's my favorite color?

And my favorite snack food?

You See so many questions when you start out something new, and it doesn't matter what it is, if we had all the answers it wouldn't be new for us, now would it?

What are your Questions? I'll be starting a Training section soon and what I add there will largely be dependant upon what you ask for. (hint: if you don't ask, I'll get to make it up myself  😉  )

This can be your site as much as mine, your input is highly valued…. if I have learned anything from my life and my career it's that no one can do it alone and truely be successful.

Success always takes a team, a support network of somesort. Going it alone only gets you so far, you know that, you've seen the results in your own life, just take a look. For 2011 what were your “goals” How did you do? And for the ones you were successful on did you do it alone or did you have a support team?

My biggest success over the last year was to release over 75lbs of excess “stuff” from my body and eventually my life. And I wouldn't have done it with out my support team (those in my life) and my coach (Thank you Michelle!). Through out the year it seemed I was pretty much on Auto Pilot at some level, just doing what my coach said as best I could each day. And as the year progresses I am realizing how much I have learned and grown in all areas of my life.

What did I learn from all that?

  • 1) if I just do what the coach said, it was easy. When I tried to do it my way (all the times before) it was so very next to impossible.
  • 2) If I set smaller goals I was able to attain or reach them. Yes, I had a big goal, but it was reaching the smaller ones and celebrating my wins that had me keep going and not giving up or quitting.
  • 3) Just keep going, don't quit, and don't give up. Even if you have a bad day, week or month. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and do what you know how to do. And get support, which means even us Super Hero's have to let others in once in a while… Even you.

There is the other side to where ever you are at in business or in your life.

So, Be Your Own Super Hero, Put on your Cape, and Step out into your life and be the Winner you are.

And when you find yourself in need of a Cyber Super Hero or A rescue, Call Me. That's what I am here for.

(ok, wondering how would a Cyber Super Hero sign off?)

Lynne Sagen - Cyber Super HeroLynne

Aka – a Cyber Super Hero, Here to Save Your Day!